1. You must play as an individual. Each Player is only allowed to have one player account with Bridge Big.
  2. Collusion between Users is strictly forbidden. Bridge Big reserves the right to restrict seating and/or to prohibit Users from playing at a particular table or in a tournament, in addition to other measures.
  3. A User engaging or attempting to engage in playing as part of a professional or coordinated syndicate, playing on multiple accounts, or in any way in collusion with any other player will be banned, all winnings will be void regardless of the outcome of such attempt.
  4. The Services are for use by humans only. Players who use or attempt to use any computer, process or software other than the Software provide by Bridge Big that constitutes an unfair playing advantage or automates game play in any way are subject to immediate forfeiture of their Player Account.
  5. Players are prohibited from utilizing an external resource which is designed to provide the Player with an Unfair Advantage over other players. These external resources include third-party software applications and databases as well as websites, web-based databases, subscriptions services and the assistance of any other person regardless of whether or not that person is also a Player.
  6. We define “Unfair Advantage” to mean the obtaining and/or compilation of any information about other players other than that which the Player has personally observed through Player’s own gaming activity.
  7. The Player agrees to allow Us to actively pursue the detection and prevention of unethical external assistance including, but not limited to, the identification and reporting of software applications running concurrently with the Software or Websites.
  8. The following persons are ineligible to receive any prize offered on Bridge Big: employees and directors of Bridge Big and any other person with access to non-public information regarding the operation of any tournament offered on Bridge Big.