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I, Robot

I, Robot

It’s only been a short while since we’ve launched our new tournament lineup but we haven’t been sitting still! Today we’re rolling out a new version of Bridge Big that we think will make many of you very happy.

Take control of your bot!

Being declarer is arguably the most challenging and fun role at the table. But it sucks to be dummy, especially when your partner is butchering the contract. Today, we introduce a new feature to take over the declarer play if your partner is a bot. Simply tap the ‘take over bot’ button when you become dummy and you’ll be promoted to declarer, without changing seats. You can take over any time when your partner is a robot, even if it’s a real player replaced by a bot. Note that you won’t be able to take back control of the hand if this happens to you as declarer while you were away!

Mix & match in the RTCs

And while we’re on the subject of robots, here’s something we can do that’s even better: avoiding robots altogether. To ensure that you will play as often as possible with only real players we grouped all active Round-the-Clock players together, i.e. from all 3 competitions (€5, €20 and free).  So starting today you be partnering players from another Round-the-Clock competition.

Now, if only our bots could dance like in this video:

What do you think?

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