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Bridge on TV – maybe we’re crazy

Bridge on TV

Ever since we learned how to play bridge (a long time ago), we knew that bridge deserves a better representation in the eye of the public. Such that everyone will see and know that, hands down, bridge is the greatest card game in the world.

The power of TV

Now, how to do that was a different question. We stumbled upon a podcast from the BBC about how niche sports like darts, snooker, boxing, even fishing and of course poker became popular. By adding money prizes and broadcasting it on TV – creating personal stories and heroes. This just might work for bridge as well…

Is bridge photogenic?

We are thrilled to announce that is the proud sponsor of a new TV show which goes on a search to find the “Bridge Champion of Holland”. The show will be full of stories and anecdotes showing what’s great about bridge, while capturing great hands explained by well-known commentators.

Although the title is the Champion of The Netherlands, we do welcome players from all over the world and invite you to participate in the online qualifications on  In the big TV final which will take place in Utrecht on November 16, 2014 a minimum prize pool of €25,000 is offered.

Now, is this going to work? We don’t know but we’re sure going to give it a shot. But maybe we’re just crazy…

What do you think?

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