Bridge Big is a start up founded in The Netherlands committed to making online bridge the most exciting activity on the web. We are very passionate about the game and fear that it’s dying of old age. We believe that playing bridge needs to always be exciting, and that every match should count, kind of like it was in the glory days when bridge was played for money. We believe that bridge is already the best card game in the world. But what’s missing is the poker element, i.e. the rush of winning substantial prizes and the cool and glamorous image this brings to the game.

With the future of bridge in mind, we’re introducing a modern platform that enables you to play in exciting bridge events and win significant money prizes as in online poker. An important difference with poker is that the duplicate bridge played on our site is a game of skill, not gambling, and therefore legal in all but a few countries and states. The platform we’re designing will run in the browser of any internet device, ranging from desktop computers to smart phones and tablets.

Zia Mahmood, one of the world’s most charismatic and best-known bridge players, is so excited about the concept that he has decided to join our team as platform ambassador. Zia:

Poker succeeded to attract millions of players. Small investments with huge rewards. We can do the same in bridge, especially when you take into consideration that bridge is much more fun to play than poker.

In the coming months we will need your help with beta testing the platform in anticipation of the official launch this summer. Right now the product is still pretty bare bones, but this will change a lot during the beta while we release all sorts of exciting features. To read more about the envisioned features and how we will deal with security.

Right now our beta is under way. If you love this game and share our vision then start playing today and let us know what you think. In the coming weeks we’ll be running a weekly competition that you can enter for free anytime and anywhere. When everything is working smoothly we’ll even start giving away prizes to each week’s best contestants, so all the more reasons to join. If you want to read more about playing on Bridge Big during the beta testing phase click here.

And now, let the games begin.